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Workforce Data System FY 2016

The links at the top of this page contain information about the Workforce Data System (WDS) annual collection for the year July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016. The WDS data file submission date is November 1, 2016.   Use the "WDS Program List" link to view the programs required for the FY 2016 data collection.

The (WDS) web pages are divided into two distinct areas. The first area is for the use of Community Colleges, Public Colleges and Universities, and Private Colleges. These institutions have the use of a Microsoft Access database to enter and maintain their information before submitting data to MHEC.

The second area is for the use of Exempt Training Providers and Out of State Training Providers. These institutions must use the provided Microsoft Excel workbooks to enter and submit their data to MHEC.

Please use the following links or the links above to go to the section that contain further instructions for your institution. If you are not sure which section you should use, please select your institution from the following WDS Program List and you will be shown a list of programs that must be reported, and given a link to your correct section.

All programs eligible for WIOA funding must be reported even if no students were enrolled.

All students who enrolled in these WIOA programs must be reported even if they were not WIOA students.

If you have any questions, send an email to david.jorgenson1@maryland.gov

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